First-Time Home Buyers

“How exciting?”  Isn’t that what everyone says?  I know the first home I purchased, it was not the excitement that I remember.  It was more like terrified.  I remember thinking:


Am I getting a good deal?

Can I really afford this much home?

What features truly matter to me?

Am I going to like living in this area?


These are not just questions I had, but questions many home buyers have, and not just first time home buyers.  That’s why having a Realtor is so important, not only can I guide you through the entire process, but I can stand between you and your emotions.  Some buyers become frustrated when their offers aren’t aggressive enough, letting great homes slip away.  Other times, they are so eager to just get the whole process over with, they stop looking for their “MUST HAVES”  in just a few days, settling.

As you already know, this is most likely the largest investment you’ll ever make.  So when I meet with you, I know the right questions to help you find exactly what you are looking for.  I will then help you stay focused on your goals and needs.  Together we will find that perfect home, at a great price, in just the right amount of time.

Don’t fall trap to someone who pushes you into a home while saying things like “You’ll grow into it.” I never take my clients for granted, and remember who I work for.

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Jordan McCrea – Mountain Realty

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