Boise Idaho


Boise is a friendly city where people hold open doors, help with loading groceries, and avoid splashing other people in parking lots. They’re a gregarious group, too; no matter what sport or hobby you enjoy, there’s probably a club for it where you can meet like-minded people. Skiing, biking, kayaking, running, soccer, triathlon, quilting, volunteer efforts, and church groups are just a few of the interests that Boise residents celebrate.



One of the biggest draws in Boise is recreation, and it’s all so close to home here. Bogus Basin ski resort is only 16 miles north of town. During the winter the ski runs are lit so that you can ski after work. During the summer, you’ll see anglers standing waist-deep in the Boise River, getting in a little fishing before work. In town, the river is hugged by a multi-use greenbelt so that everyone can share in the coolness and wildlife the river has to offer. If pavement isn’t your style, trails as close as 10 minutes away from downtown make it possible to hike or go mountain biking, even on your lunch hour.



One thing that keeps an American town vibrant is a university, and Boise has Boise State University. It’s a top-rated research institution, and outside of its technical accomplishments, its varied academic and arts programs make it a lively host to various cultural events. For elementary and high school students, the Boise School District provides a nationally recognized advance placement program, a technical education center that gives hands-on education in a choice of 15 different career paths, plus a variety of studies where academic excellence, music and the arts still play a key role.



It’s safe to walk here at night. In fact, Idaho’s crime rate dropped 1.5 percent in 2012, continuing a five-year decline. That means more safety for you and your loved ones–and less cost in auto and home insurance.


Active culture

Boise has an Opera Company. And the Trey McIntyre Project decided to move its dancers from New York City to Boise, where they produce big-city dance for rapt, small-city audiences. The annual Art in the Park show draws artists from all around, and the library here is so active that a donor insisted on paying for an exclamation point after it on the side of building. The sign now reads Library!


Some Facts and Figures (from


Boise Population: 218,978 people live within the city limits

Approximately 325,794 employees reside within 45-minute drive

Median Age (2011): 34.7


Area: 64.0 square miles

Elevation: 2512 feet above sea level

Average household income (2011) est.: $89,886

Median household income (2011) est.: $64,433

Average home price (2011): $164,900

Per capita income (2011): $37,430

Cost of living index (2011): 94.0