What’s In Store For This Weekend

Whether it’s chilling to reggae music, or being chilled by ice sculptures, here are a couple of things to keep your weekend busy:

Enjoy a night at the Opera for Verdi’s La TraviataTraviata2013

Idaho native Cecilia Violetta Lopez is living proof that Sesame Street works. The soprano, who said she learned English from watching the long-running PBS show, made her professional debut in Opera Idaho’s Rigoletto and went on to a position as an understudy in the Metropolitan Opera’s production of The Merry Widow. Lopez returns to Boise and Opera Idaho in Verdi’s La Traviata, the bittersweet story of Violetta, a young courtesan, and Alfredo, a young man who is pure of heart (Joshua Dennis). Deeply in love, Violetta and Alfredo run away together but Violetta’s past catches up with them, turning their blissful new life into a tragedy.

Take a stroll through the Asian Heritage, right here in Boise

This weekend, celebrate the gift of significant Chinese artworks from Thomas J. Cooney in honor of Joan Chapman Cooney with this special exhibition. Featuring the works of art donated by Mr. Cooney, along with a selection of photographs of private gardens in Suzhou, China, by David H. Engel, on loan from the China Institute in New York. Weekends through Feb. 14 at the Boise Art Museum.

Head up North to the Carnivalmccall winter

The McCall Winter Carnival was inspired by the Payette Lake Winter Games, first held in 1924 when a train from Boise brought 248 visitors to McCall, Idaho. The official McCall Winter Carnival started in the 1960s and over the years, the Carnival has grown into an iconic Idaho event bringing more than 60,000 people to McCall each year!If you haven’t made it up for this event before, this year’s the year for you! Lodging might be tight if you haven’t made reservations yet, but there’s nothing wrong with a day trip. Go join the snow bash this weekend, including a dog sled race, a rail jam, and live bands galore! Tons of information is here.
“Catch” a flick at The Linen Buildingtrout

You don’t need to know how to tie a fly, cast a rod or reel in a fish to enjoy this film. Saturday, Boise native Travis Swartz, aka “expert” fly fisherman Hank Patterson, will unleash his second full-length film, “Hank Patterson & The Mystery Of The CuttyRainBrown Trout,” upon Boise. He’ll be there in person, too, hosting the screening at the Linen Building. You were warned. [Tickets]

Chill to some Reggae Vibes

Dig some reggae every once in a while? Southern California band Stick Figure delivers an exceptionally chill, dreamy groove that makes cloud-scraping instrumental passages just as rewarding as more traditional, vocal-powered ones. Stick Figure heaadlines the Knitting Factory on Sunday. [Tickets]